Describe in your own words how your organization’s work and your work within the organization is related to Human Rights?

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Description of paper #1

The paper #1 should be accomplished by following the guidelines listed below:

Guidelines for writing the first paper:


  • This paper aims to juxtapose/ integrate the documentary film, and interview with Human Rights Articles and literature.
  • The movie and the interview should be on the same issue/theme. In return you need to point out which articles of Human Rights has been violated and why, and of course with the support of the literature. You cannot make an claim without literature support.
  • There is no need to repeat or summarize the interview or the movie. The integration should be based on specific points. 
  • The amount of literature support should not be less than 7 academic references. Wikipedia and dictionaries will not be considered references.
  • Do not use Wikipedia and dictionaries as a way to understand or define an issue or concept.
  • The paper should be APA Style and no more than 9 pages. This does not include cover and reference pages.
  • I encourage you to structure your paper using headings and subheadings. This creates a cohesive and organized argument

The documentary film can be located at:

Human Rights Articles are located at:


The interview questions are below:

I have always been interested in knowing more about the NAACP and what function the organization performs within society and thought my interest in their work coupled with this assignment provided the perfect opportunity for me gain more insight.  This assigned requires that I interview an activist currently in the field of Human Rights.


I have listed a couple of questions below for you to answer.  Please let me know if you have any questions and/or concerns.

1) What Human Rights organization do you belong?

2) What is your role within the organization?

3) What drove your interest in the organization?

4) What is a current Human Rights issue your organization is working on?

5) What are some current or upcoming events does your organization have planned?

6) Describe in your own words how your organization’s work and your work within the organization is related to Human Rights?

7) Are you familiar with the International Articles of Human Rights?  How do they pertain to your efforts?  I have provided a link for this question and question 8 below.

8) Do you think familiarity with the Human Rights Charter adds a dimension to your work and can you provide at least one example?

Mrs. McDew’s responses:

2. Planning and Armed Forces/Veterans Affairs  Committees 3. 2016 election
made us want to reach out and make a greater contribution and impact in our
4. Discrimination
5. Civil & criminal legal clinics – proving access to free and pro bono
lawyers as well as contact with law enforcement so that the people in the
community know their rights

  1. Same as above
  2. Not sure if this is he
    same thing but we know there are like 30 human rights that everyone, by
    virtue of being born human have. They do not have to be given or granted.
    They just are.
    8.  This charter is everything we are about. We are not asking for
    handouts/hand ups. We just want to be able to exercise the same rights as
    those around us. Rights are not just for the wealthy, powerful or elite they
    apply to EVERY man, woman and child.Mr. McDew’s responses
  3. NAACP
    2.  Planning and Armed Forces/Veterans Affairs Committees
  4. Watching the news and seeing the treatment of minorities and those less fortunate, we
    wanted to help.  We looked into organizations that shared the same goal. The NAACP was that organization.
  5. Discrimination/Equal opportunity
  6. Collecting/distributing  care packages for homeless in the Pensacola area.
    Also, coordinating to cook food for those homeless gathered in certain areas
    of the city.
    6. The NAACP is trying to be a voice and helper for those that feel that
    their civil rights have been violated.  As a member of the Armed
    Forces/Veterans Affairs committee, I would help those service members and
    veterans that feel the same if they are unable to get help through other
    channels or help them find the best avenue for help.
    7.  I was not familiar with a charter.  I just knew people were afforded
    some rights because they were human.
    8. Yes, Knowing the charter will leave guessing out of whether something
    falls under a violation or not which will help in the fight because it is
    written so it cannot be disputed whether it is a right or not




Donnelly, J. (2013).  Universal human rights in theory and practice (3rd ed.). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University


Freeman, M.A. (2011).  Human rights:  An interdisciplinary approach (2nd ed.). Cambridge, MA: Polity Press.


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